Added Value through Innovation.

Simplifying Purchasing, Selling and Management of Enterprise Software - using the Unity collaboration platform.

For Enterprises

Unity helps you make the right purchasing decisions while getting the best prices.

For Vendors

Unity helps you scale your business and reach customers.

Our Mission

Simplify Enterprise software procurement and provide the best buyer experience. 

With feedback from the largest Enterprises in the work decided in order to solve the pain associated with purchasing new technology in the Enterprise we had to do things different. With Unity we strive to bring consumer like experience when it comes to software purchases. Our goal is to help simplify enterprise procurement for companies while helping software vendors understand their customers.

Value & Innovation

With the rise of hyperscale cloud vendor marketplaces, the traditional information technology reseller market is changing drastically.

Organizations are seeking more value from providers to drive costs down, simplify and automate a lot of processes relating to acquiring new technology. We have a team of the best developers who work hand in hand with our customers to build out innovative ways that Unity can accommodate their needs.

For Enterprises

Quickest time to Value with Unity – We help you simplify purchasing, management of Enterprise software and services.

Flexible Payment Options

We want to give as much flexibility to our customers as possible. That’s why we offer credit lines and net payment terms 30-90 days.

Transparent Pricing

Flexible pricing models based on consumption.

Real-Time Work Flow

Streamline and automate purchases.

Instant Requests

Budgetary/Official Quotes, Demos, Proof of Concepts, Support calls and more.

Software Cost Center

Track all renewals, order history and forecast budget.

For Vendors

We are a force multiplier for your sales team. We help you scale and reach your customers.

Transparent Pricing

We have no commissions, and focus on delivering most value for you and the customer.

Quote/Proposal Visibility

You are notified when customer received/read your proposal.

Sales Team Force Multiplier

Use our platform and trained SME’s as an extension to your sales team, to scale in new markets.

Measurable Market Penetration

KPIs around new meeting requests, qualified meetings booked and monthly performance reports.

Buyer Reach Through Unity

Find out what customers are saying about your technology in different markets.

About the Unity Platform

Instant Visibility

Instant Visibility into your customers buying process.

Instant Visibility into quote/proposal

Instant Visibility into quote/proposal. Get notified when your customer receives and reads your quote and even signs it. Notifications

Quote Creation and Management

Quote creation and management.

Forecasting Accuracy

Forecasting accuracy without having to contact resellers.

Customer Reports

Find out what customers are saying about your technology in different markets.


Track cross-sell, up-sell, net new business with your customers and targets


KPI’s on all activities for easier reporting

Manage Different Markets

Manage Different Markets ( NA, Europe, APAC from a single pane of glass)


Analytics on all stages of sales cycle for accurate forecasting.

Instant Customer Feedback

Find out what customers are saying about your technology in different markets.

Unity Platform

Simplifying buying, selling and management of Enterprise Software.

Max Technologies is reinventing the software reseller for the Enterprise by providing a self-service platform to simplify procurement and management of technology.

For Enterprises: We provide an all-in-one solution covering all stages of your software procurement, from the initial research phase to implementation. We believe and so does the largest analyst firm in the world customers should have access to 6 areas to help companies make the right purchasing decision over the term of the contract. With Unity we focus on providing:

License Expertise

Client Centric Buying Experience

Technical Cadence

Economical Business Model

Extensive Market Reach for both Enterprises and Technology Vendors

Operational Efficacy

For Vendors: Unity helps reach the customer base and understand their needs through out the lifetime of the customers. Our platform  allows vendors to track cross sell/ upsell into existing base while taking care of customer needs rapidly. Additionally, we will help vendors reduce costs associated with Sales and Marketing expense as we will have analytics build in to understand and reach the customers faster than a traditional sales person would others. We believe combining SME and technology is the way forward in high tech sales.

With Unity, we strive to deliver consistent value through direct feedback from customers and vendors. With a relentless focus on innovation while enabling digital business initiatives analogous with IT and business cost optimization.

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And simplify the way you buy, sell and manage technology.

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