Falcon Complete

The highest level of endpoint security maturity delivered immediately, without the burden of building and managing it yourself.

Falcon Complete sets the new standard in endpoint security with the first comprehensive cloud-native platform that delivers the essential elements of next-gen endpoint protection to immediately provide better protection, better performance and better value.

Guaranteed to Prevent Breaches

CrowdStrike stands behind Falcon Complete. The solution comes with a guarantee that CrowdStrike will provide up to $1 million of coverage to address breaches that occur within the protected environment.

Business Value

Falcon Complete saves time and resources, and reduces cost by bringing customers to the highest level of endpoint security by combining CrowdStrike’s best protection technologies with the people, expertise and processes necessary to provide a total hands-off approach to endpoint protection.

Reduces the time required to remediate endpoints by providing the skills and expertise required to take proper action. The Falcon Complete team does the remediation for you, eliminating the arduous task of reimagine the endpoints and reducing the risk of a breach.


Falcon Complete:

  • Achieves Instant Security Maturity

  • Maximizes Security Productivity

  • Reduces Time to Remediate

  • Mitigates and Transfers Risks


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