SOC as a Service

You’re not alone.

Building vs. buying a SOC is a question growing organizations often face. SOC-as-a-Service models are providing new alternatives.

What you’ll need Build-Your-Own SOC

The tools

Data analytics We develop and maintain these capabilities. You experience them through the Expel Workbench™. You purchase, install, run and maintain all of the foundational SOC tools on your own.
Workflow platform
Machine learning platform
Orchestration infrastructure

The process

Analyst hiring and retention We find and motivate top talent You create and maintain these processes at your organization.
Alert management We detect and focus on the threats that matter
Hunting methodology We test and optimize at multiple companies
Threat intel management We refine fidelity across our customers
Analyst playbooks We develop them, then manage globally and locally
Researching new tech We have dedicated experts for each vendor
Metrics and dashboards We baseline and compare vs. peers

The team

12+ Security analysts We attract, train and equip a skilled team whose mission is to protect you and improve your security. Our transparent approach means you choose how involved you want to be. You hire and manage a team to operate and maintain your SOC.
3+ Shift leads
2+ Malware analysts
2+ Tooling engineers
1+ Data scientist