Unity Platform

Max Technologies is reinventing the software reseller for the Enterprise by providing a self-service platform to simplify procurement and management of technology.

For Enterprises: We provide an all-in-one solution covering all stages of your software procurement, from the initial research phase to implementation. We believe and so does the largest analyst firm in the world customers should have access to 6 areas to help companies make the right purchasing decision over the term of the contract. With Unity we focus on providing:

License Expertise

Client Centric Buying Experience

Technical Cadence

Economical Business Model

Extensive Market Reach for both Enterprises and Technology Vendors

Operational Efficacy

For Vendors: Unity helps reach the customer base and understand their needs through out the lifetime of the customers. Our platform  allows vendors to track cross sell/ upsell into existing base while taking care of customer needs rapidly. Additionally, we will help vendors reduce costs associated with Sales and Marketing expense as we will have analytics build in to understand and reach the customers faster than a traditional sales person would others. We believe combining SME and technology is the way forward in high tech sales.

With Unity, we strive to deliver consistent value through direct feedback from customers and vendors. With a relentless focus on innovation while enabling digital business initiatives analogous with IT and business cost optimization.